Above Ground Pool Steps: What to Consider

Your above-ground pool needs a simple way to climb into it. The height of the sides makes it darn near impossible to crawl over. So the fix? Above Ground Pool Steps sold by many manufacturers of pool supplies. The cost ranges from $150 to $2600 (with a safety gate attached.) Most installation is simple enough - taking between one and two hours - but there are few things to watch for when you go to … [Read more...]

Above Ground Spas 2019

Looking for great ideas for above-ground spas in 2019? Consider the following before you bring it home and drop it into the backyard. Most above-ground spas are very similar looking: plastic, faux wood surround, white top overhanging the sides, blue interior. Here are a few tricks for installing the spa so it looks like it's just part of the environment: If you have room, make the spa a … [Read more...]

Can my baby learn to swim?

In an older blog I told the story of answering the question, "Can my baby learn to swim?" At any rate it is worth a retell. I had a little cute baby boy when I was 31. I loved that little baby more than life. During long hours of rocking and feeding and loving, there was time to think, and to worry. Worry about what, you babyless folks may ask. My loving answer is worrying about everything. … [Read more...]

The Bests Pools San Diego Edition

San Diego is the land of palm trees and beach communities. Tourists come to our town to tan and enjoy the sunshine. We, residents, adore our pools. It is an activity, and exercise, a party, and relaxation. Our pools are part of our Southern California Culture. When you want to dream, take a look at our list of the best pools San Diego edition. TOP 5 Best Pools San Diego Edition (plus an … [Read more...]

Pool Maintenance Issues with the Increase in Humidity

This summer has been...hot? well?...not necessarily. There have been hot days, temperature wise. However, the notable constant in southern California this summer is the increase in humidity. Whether it is 75 degrees or 90 degrees it feels like death to a humidity newcomer. I don't know if this increased mugginess is something we are going to have to get used to but it is something we have to deal … [Read more...]

Concerns for a pool dog and those that love them

I promised this blog two months ago. What Should I Consider if I have a Pool Dog? discussed issues you will find if you have a dog who loves to swim in your pool. What do you need to consider to keep your pool in tip top shape when you have a pool dog? This blog will focus on issues you, as a dog owner should be concerned about for your dog and family safety. If your pool dog loves to swim, what … [Read more...]

California PACE Program for Pools

I was amazed when I found out that California PACE program could be used to finance pool improvements. PACE is a loan program for energy efficient installations on a home. The program gives a 10 to 25 year loan with no payments for 17 months. The best part is that it does cover pool equipment. Exciting, isn't it? However, you will want to know exactly what it covers and where to apply. What … [Read more...]

What I should consider if I have a pool dog

What is a pool dog? You know if you have one. They, absolutely, adore the water. A pool dog is the topic of this blog because there are some definite things you need to keep in mind when your dog loves to swim. They come in a couple of classes. The first blog, here, are the considerations to the pool. The second issues you need to consider, in blog 2, are those concerning your pets and humans who … [Read more...]

Beach to Pool – Keeping your pool safe

In some parts of the country this proposition seems redundant and and a bit silly. Why on earth would anyone go from beach to pool? Well, it is something of a Southern California tradition. You go to the beach all day, or even for a few hours, and whether it is hot or cold, you run home and jump right in your pool. I don't know what the draw is. Maybe you want to continue the water fun. Maybe you … [Read more...]