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Back To School Pool Party

Tips to Make Your Back To School Pool Party Pop

By rachael | Aug 15, 2017

Every year it seems as though I am taken aback that it is this time of year again. Mid August and we have to start thinking about a back to school pool party, really? Your kids have probably been in your pool all summer long, so what better transition to the new year than inviting […]

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swim during a thunderstorm

Can I swim during a thunderstorm? Summer Storm Questions

By rachael | Jul 17, 2017

As I look out this morning in “sunny Southern California”, I am amazed at the gray skies still around. June gloom seems to be sticking about but, this year, it is a far cry more muggy. There were thunderstorms last week in east county and I thought you all may be asking whether that old […]

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pool cooler

A Pool Cooler In California? It may be sooner than you expect

By rachael | Jun 15, 2017

On the Eastern Seaboard….let’s say Virginia all the way to Florida and through the South things get hot…pool cooler hot. Things are so hot and humid in parts of Florida that the ocean water is hot. I, personally, sat in ocean water that felt like bath water in Florida. In Southern California, things are a […]

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If You Don’t Change Your Spa Water, You Are Probably Sitting In Filth Soup!

By rachael | May 16, 2017

“I am not sure whether the word ‘soup,’ ‘mixture’ or ‘solution’ is a proper word for the liquid that is in a well-used spa but I don’t think we can exactly call it water either.” If that isn’t the grossest thing you have heard lately, I don’t know what is.  I know most of don’t […]

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The Viral Glass Bottom Swimming Pool Video – Here

By rachael | Apr 14, 2017

We would be remiss if we didn’t report on THE coolest viral video out there today. Why? you ask. Well, because it features a glass bottom swimming pool. What you see in the video is a camera focused at a man’s feet walking on the bottom of the pool. Very quickly it appears as if […]

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pee is in the swimming pool

How Much Pee Is In The Swimming Pool? The Definitive Study

By rachael | Mar 15, 2017

Just as we almost see the face of spring, the studies start coming out. Pee is in the swimming pool! There is contamination! How much? Is it safe? What can we do to protect ourselves? So, the latest study goes right along that path. The difference is that each year, it seems as though there […]

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pool overflow

A Pool Overflow Case Study…What Happens in Real Life?

By rachael | Feb 15, 2017

Of course, the second I write a blog, I want to brag to everyone I know that may be interested. One of my incredible friends with a pool was having a pool overflow at the very moment I was writing last month’s blog, What if Your Pool Overflows? He read the blog after the fact and […]

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What to do if your pool overflows?

By rachael | Jan 13, 2017

This is a funny post considering we, in Southern California, have been in a drought situation for so long. I can’t even remember when people weren’t screaming about the drought. Questions about what happens if your pool overflows were not relevant. Look outside. It is only January and the snow pack is packed. The reservoirs […]

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calcium scaling

What is Calcium Scaling and How Do I Get it Off My Pool?

By rachael | Dec 14, 2016

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start…. You are loving your sweet pool and all of a sudden you notice a white crust on the tile around your pool and/or spa. What generally happens is that your pH gets high. The calcium is leached out of the water and sticks […]

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