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California PACE Program for Pools

By Rachael Wallin | Jun 21, 2018

I was amazed when I found out that California PACE program could be used to finance pool improvements. PACE is a loan program for energy efficient installations on a home. The program gives a 10 to 25 year loan with no payments for 17 months. The best part is that it does cover pool equipment. […]

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pool dog

What I should consider if I have a pool dog

By Rachael Wallin | May 16, 2018

What is a pool dog? You know if you have one. They, absolutely, adore the water. A pool dog is the topic of this blog because there are some definite things you need to keep in mind when your dog loves to swim. They come in a couple of classes. The first blog, here, are […]

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beach to pool

Beach to Pool – Keeping your pool safe

By Rachael Wallin | Apr 17, 2018

In some parts of the country this proposition seems redundant and and a bit silly. Why on earth would anyone go from beach to pool? Well, it is something of a Southern California tradition. You go to the beach all day, or even for a few hours, and whether it is hot or cold, you […]

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swimming pool easter egg hunt

Have Yourself A Swimming Pool Easter Egg Hunt

By Rachael Wallin | Mar 15, 2018

If you think a swimming Easter egg hunt party is crazy, think again. In California, we have options you don’t have in other places, unless you are lucky enough to have an indoor pool. Even if it is raining on Easter Sunday, you can do this on a sunny day right before or right after Easter. […]

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Concrete vs. tile

Concrete vs. Tile Pool Finish, or Something Else?

By Rachael Wallin | Feb 14, 2018

Technology is ever pressing forward in pool design and construction. In the past, in ground pools, in California, were almost exclusively concrete. Today, there are options. You may be asking yourself concrete vs. tile? However, today, we have even more options. Why on earth wouldn’t you just go with the tried and true, concrete? Well, […]

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noisy pool pump

Do you have a noisy pool pump?

By Rachael Wallin | Jan 21, 2018

In our business we see a lot of problems. One we often come across is a noisy pool pump. When you bought a home with a pool or built one, you wanted an oasis. Even if the kids are having a rowdy time, you know that there will be a time real soon when you […]

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pool ash

California Fires: How do I handle pool ash?

By Rachael Wallin | Dec 14, 2017

Pool ash is a huge problem. In Southern California, we have seen a rash of fires. The fires are hideous for those in their path, for certain. However, they are also a problem for many more because of the winds. They blow ash and debris into your lovely clean pool. It is such a problem […]

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autumn pool maintenance

Autumn Pool Maintenance Tips

By Rachael Wallin | Nov 14, 2017

It is November in southern California and even though it is still over 80 degrees, we all have to be aware that autumn pool maintenance is necessary.  You may be asking why it would be necessary to change your pool maintenance even though there is no marked change in the weather. Heck, we often have […]

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pool care

Pool Care After the Santa Winds Whip

By Rachael Wallin | Oct 15, 2017

Pool care is important. It is always something that a pool owner ought to have on their minds. It can make or break your ability to swim in a pool, the way your pool looks, and frankly, the life span of your equipment. Pool care is on our minds when it starts raining. However, us […]

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