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pool steps for above ground pools

Above Ground Pool Steps: What to Consider

By Rachael Wallin | Mar 25, 2019

Your above-ground pool needs a simple way to climb into it. The height of the sides makes it darn near impossible to crawl over. So the fix? Above Ground Pool Steps sold by many manufacturers of pool supplies. The cost ranges from $150 to $2600 (with a safety gate attached.) Most installation is simple enough […]

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above ground spas

Above Ground Spas 2019

By Rachael Wallin | Feb 20, 2019

Looking for great ideas for above-ground spas in 2019? Consider the following before you bring it home and drop it into the backyard. Most above-ground spas are very similar looking: plastic, faux wood surround, white top overhanging the sides, blue interior. Here are a few tricks for installing the spa so it looks like it’s […]

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above ground pool design

Above ground pool design options

By Rachael Wallin | Jan 21, 2019

Above ground pool design is an important consideration when you are deciding if an above ground pool is right for your family. Last month we talked about the pros and cons of an above ground pool and now we continue on the adventure. This is always the best part for me, design decisions. Above ground […]

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Above Ground Pool? Is it an option for my family?

By Rachael Wallin | Dec 21, 2018

In  Southern California, you don’t come across an above ground pool to terribly often unless you are a pool service profession. In fact, I, personally, have only seen them once or twice. However, just because you don’t see them all the time doesn’t mean that they aren’t a great option for you and your family. […]

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pool heater

It is getting cooler out here. What size pool heater do we need?

By Rachael Wallin | Nov 20, 2018

Southern California is never all that cold. For goodness gracious, I saw a national weather report and it could be in the 20s. Yikes! Just when you need the pool to be a bit…well, a lot warmer, the pool heater breaks. It is always when you need it the most, right? You realize that your […]

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Can my baby learn to swim

Can my baby learn to swim?

By Rachael Wallin | Oct 24, 2018

In an older blog I told the story of answering the question, “Can my baby learn to swim?” At any rate it is worth a retell. I had a little cute baby boy when I was 31. I loved that little baby more than life. During long hours of rocking and feeding and loving, there […]

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The Bests Pools San Diego Edition

By Rachael Wallin | Sep 20, 2018

San Diego is the land of palm trees and beach communities. Tourists come to our town to tan and enjoy the sunshine. We, residents, adore our pools. It is an activity, and exercise, a party, and relaxation. Our pools are part of our Southern California Culture. When you want to dream, take a look at […]

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increase in humidity

Pool Maintenance Issues with the Increase in Humidity

By Rachael Wallin | Aug 20, 2018

This summer has been…hot? well?…not necessarily. There have been hot days, temperature wise. However, the notable constant in southern California this summer is the increase in humidity. Whether it is 75 degrees or 90 degrees it feels like death to a humidity newcomer. I don’t know if this increased mugginess is something we are going […]

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pool dog2

Concerns for a pool dog and those that love them

By Rachael Wallin | Jul 20, 2018

I promised this blog two months ago. What Should I Consider if I have a Pool Dog? discussed issues you will find if you have a dog who loves to swim in your pool. What do you need to consider to keep your pool in tip top shape when you have a pool dog? This […]

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