Can my child take swimming lessons at home?

When my son was two years old, drowning panic set in. We live in Southern California where the weather is lovely year round. Many of my friends had pools. Some were well guarded with fences...others, not so much. I wanted my son to be able to survive if he fell or jumped into a pool. I wanted him to become familiar with our pool and how to get out. I wanted him to take swimming lessons at home. I … [Read more...]

Manage My Pool and Spa With My IPhone – 4 Options

I know those of you with a pool and spa have been dying for this one. There is a cry in the pool world to be able to manage my pool and spa with my iphone. What do I mean by "manage my pool and spa," you ask? Well, I mean the whole she-bang folks. We are talking E-VER-Y-THING....lights....chemistry...  water features...temperature. There are different packages for different needs but it seems as … [Read more...]

Select Your Solar Pool Heater- 6 Steps

Where we are, in lovely San Diego County....Bonita, Chula Vista, is warm. It is only March and we are crossing our fingers for rain but we know that in between the storms lie nice, sunny, warm days. When I was a young adult, my mom and dad bought a house that had a pool. Although we all wanted to swim in other months besides July through September, it cost an awful lot to heat up … [Read more...]

Are we Drought Shaming Pool Owners?

Has the drought made you feel ashamed you have a pool? You try to reason to your drought shaming critics: "But, I bought my home before the drought," "Hey, you guys were over here last summer playing in this pool," "This pool loses less water to evaporation than grass." It all falls on deaf ears. You are the victim of drought shaming. Drought Shaming is Widespread! Drought shaming is bigger than … [Read more...]

Underwater Pool Mural? Easier Than You Think

In California we are going through a drought, in case you didn't realize. Some people are wondering whether or not to even keep their pool filled. Although a pool uses less water than a lawn of the same size, I came across some amazing pool art in my research, art that could be fodder for an underwater pool mural.  The particular artist I found, took advantage of his empty pool and painted a … [Read more...]

Should I bother with pool alarms? You ought to!

Not so long ago, my parents owned a home with a pool. The pool didn't have a fence around it. You could just walk out the back french doors and BAM! you hit swimming pool.  When my oldest daughter was born they had to think seriously about pool alarms. They loved that little dear so much. They had good reason to be afraid. Around 800 children die of drowning each year, according to WKYT News … [Read more...]

The Lure of Hidden Pools: You know you want one too!

I love  hidden anything. I love hidden little cabins in the woods. I love hidden secret rooms and passages. So, it is not surprising that I am head over heals in love with hidden pools. I mean, really, who wouldn't adore a pool that, when not in use, is completely obscure. What are hidden pools anyway? There are really two types of hidden pools, ones that are hidden due to mechanical means and … [Read more...]

Your Pool and The California Drought

The California Drought is bad. One look at Sweetwater Reservoir or Lake Hodges will give us, in San Diego county, a serious and loud wake up call. We are in a California drought of serious proportions. If you are already aware and trying to do your best to conserve water you are watering your lawn on the special days slotted to you, you may even be timing your showers. Another nagging California … [Read more...]

Fire Season Ahead: Fires and Pools, Your Lifesaver

Fires season is already in full swing, it seems. Every time I turn on the television I see a new fire raging across California. This topic seems so close to home. I can't drive down the road without seeing the scorched remains of the last fire across the slopes. I always knew pools are fun, they provide awesome entertainment and they cool us down during this heat wave, but what do fires and pools … [Read more...]

How Does Chlorine Affect Hair Color and What to Do About it

Many, many, many of us color our hair. We spend a great deal of money getting our hair perfect and we don't want anything to ruin it. When we get into a pool we all really want to know how does chlorine affect hair color. Remember back to when we were kids. After a long summer of swimming everyday, our hair was ruined. It even took on a green hue...darker if our hair was blonde to start and … [Read more...]