Above Ground Spas 2019

Looking for great ideas for above-ground spas in 2019? Consider the following before you bring it home and drop it into the backyard.

Most above-ground spas are very similar looking: plastic, faux wood surround, white top overhanging the sides, blue interior. Here are a few tricks for installing the spa so it looks like it’s just part of the environment:

If you have room, make the spa a “destination” in the yard. Place it away from the house or patio with a path leading to it. Cover it with a gazebo, a pergola, or a canvas canopy. Any type of canopy serves several purposes: it adds an element of privacy; you have an additional spa cover to prevent leaves and dirt from entering the water; and a canopy adds a decorative element that increases the importance of the spa as a design feature.

Check out newer spa shapes and designs. They may be easier to visually integrate into your existing landscaping.

If you are working with an existing older spa, use decking, stairs, rocks, faux stone siding and potted plants to cover the sides. Keep your choice of materials similar to what you already have in the backyard. These are a few creative choices in coverings:

Make sure you leave easy access to the plumbing so it’s easy to get to if something needs servicing. Remember you’ll need water and electricity sources nearby no matter where you decide to put it.

Other Backyard Considerations for Above Ground Spas

Other considerations for the location are the views from both inside the spa itself and inside the house looking out. Think about getting to and from the house – what’s the closest door to the house, what room does it lead into, can the flooring take repeated water droplets and how far away is the bathroom?

If your family are skinny-dippers, where can you place the spa to provide the most privacy? Privacy goes both ways – both your own and your neighbors’ privacy matters.

Spas need filtering and some chemical balance to keep the water clean and healthy. Where will you store the products you need to clean the spa? A long-handled net skimmer is good for scooping up leaves and catching frogs (yes, surprisingly they do find their way in) and these are difficult to hide, so plan for it.

Make your above-ground spa your own, and let it make design sense in your environment. Bonita Pool and Spa has been installing and servicing San Diego above ground spas for over 40 years. Give us a call.