Above ground pool design options

above ground pool designAbove ground pool design is an important consideration when you are deciding if an above ground pool is right for your family. Last month we talked about the pros and cons of an above ground pool and now we continue on the adventure. This is always the best part for me, design decisions.

Above ground pool design decisions are fairly categorical because they come in kits. You will see.

What are my above ground pool design options

  1. Shape: There are three shapes that are usual. You get to choose between round or oval and occasionally you can find a rectangular shape. Because they are bought as a kit, the customization is limited to size. The industry standard for above ground pool design is limited, but you can find other shapes if you look.
  2. Size: This is where is gets fun. For a round pool, the above ground design options start at the small end around 12 feet in diameter up to 33 feet and larger. Similarly, the oval sizes range from 12 x 18 feet up to 21 x 43 feet. Basically there are many options in sizing to maximize your space.
  3. Depth: There is no deep end in an above ground pool. You can choose between two depths 52 and 54 inch wall heights.
  4. Deck or no deck?: Without an extended deck an above ground pool can be fairly inexpensive. However, a deck transforms a place to get wet into a full backyard party or tanning experience. Some kits come with a side deck or a full lovely deck. You can also contact you pool professional and they can refer you to a deck specialist to get a custom job.
  5. Materials and features: You will get structural choices between resin or steel, you will get to choose between salt water compatible or not.

Above ground pool design can be every bit as exciting as in ground design. If you have considered a pool, an above ground pool is a great option to consider, and design is a fun part to opine on.