Above Ground Pool? Is it an option for my family?

above ground poolIn  Southern California, you don’t come across an above ground pool to terribly often unless you are a pool service profession. In fact, I, personally, have only seen them once or twice. However, just because you don’t see them all the time doesn’t mean that they aren’t a great option for you and your family.

I remember when I was a child, my best friend had an above ground pool. It even had a slide that went into it. We all either slid right in or we climbed the little stile of stairs to get in. It was every bit as cool and refreshing as an inground pool. However there are some pros and cons to weigh out before embarking upon you new pool purchase.

Pros and cons of and above ground pool:


  • Cost: An above ground pool will always be cheaper than an inground pool and you get most of the same perks as an inground pool if what you are hunting for is a refreshing dip.
  • Time: This is one of the best parts, an above ground pool goes in quick. It usually comes in a kit and you have a team of pros install it in no time.
  • Options are available: If you want a deck, get a kit with a deck. There are many add-ons and options available to make your above ground pool dreamy.
  • Maintenance: You will save money on pool maintenance and heating/cooling costs.


  • Value: It adds no value to your home like an inground pool will. Although there is customization available, you will lose out on the water features and pool-scaping you will find with an inground pool. It is considered a removable structure.
  • Size: Although both types of pool have plenty of safety features, a shallow end isn’t generally one of them. Most above ground pool are limited in size and they only come in two depths, 48 or 52 inches, so no diving.
  • Shape:  These above ground pools are generally round or oval. You won’t get to customize the shape like you would with an inground option.

The bottom line is that there are reasons to choose an above ground pool, very good reasons. If you have written off a pool because you don’t have the space or you think they are just too expensive, think again. An above ground pool may be what you and your family have been looking for.