Can my baby learn to swim?

Can my baby learn to swimIn an older blog I told the story of answering the question, “Can my baby learn to swim?” At any rate it is worth a retell. I had a little cute baby boy when I was 31. I loved that little baby more than life. During long hours of rocking and feeding and loving, there was time to think, and to worry. Worry about what, you babyless folks may ask. My loving answer is worrying about everything. Whether they are going to suffocate on a button, whether they will be bullied, whether they will fall into a swimming pool. All these things and more run through a new mother’s mind at 3:OO AM. So, about as soon as my son could walk, I enrolled him in an infant “swimming” course.

So, really, can my baby learn to swim?

First, let me tell you some parts were brutal to watch. These babies have to learn to hold onto the walls and roll over onto their back and float….all in a pool. It is intense and, for the most part, I wasn’t in the water. I did this all with the hope that my baby would do these things if he were thrown into a pool. I can tell you, also, that along with those scary moments holding my breath there were moments of joy and wonder. In the end, my baby learned all those life saving techniques I hoped he would.

Would I take a chance learning, can my baby learn to swim?

Undoubtedly, I would have any child, anywhere near a swimming pool, take safety training as soon as humanly possible. In fact, I may even sign my child up in a lesson situation similar to the one I did previously.

What would I change?

  1. I would have the swimming lessons in my pool. Why? Because that is where the child will most likely fall, God forbid. They will have experience in that pool, getting to the wall and working their way to the stairs.
  2. I would continue to have lessons, every season, for a couple months or more. Swimming is like riding a bike but it takes upkeep to build upon last season’s skills.

Bottom line is that if you have children and a pool there are some must haves. In addition to your regularly scheduled pool maintenance, you need regular maintenance teaching your kids about pool safety.