Pool Maintenance Issues with the Increase in Humidity

increase in humidityThis summer has been…hot? well?…not necessarily. There have been hot days, temperature wise. However, the notable constant in southern California this summer is the increase in humidity. Whether it is 75 degrees or 90 degrees it feels like death to a humidity newcomer. I don’t know if this increased mugginess is something we are going to have to get used to but it is something we have to deal with this summer if you have a pool.

What kind of pool maintenance issues doe the increase in humidity cause?

The number one problem with this shift in weather is….drum roll…


The deal is this, when conditions are right…and right now they are pretty right, all it takes is a few hours for an algae bloom to manifest. There is an increase in humidity, it is hot and wet outside. Because of this, all it takes is a slight dip in the chlorine and an increase in the pH and Boom! Algae Bloom and you have a green pool or a cloudy pool. It is definitely not a pool you want to swim in. Can you put Clorox in your pool? Absolutely Not!!! At this point you need assistance because you will be more susceptible to future algae blooms.

That is why you need to insure that the algae bloom  is stopped in its tracks before it starts.

The key is proper pool maintenance.  Your pool maintenance professional has many tools up his or her sleeve. They will consider cyanuric acid. This will protect the chlorine from the sun. Regular brushing to insure that algae is kept out of crevices and good filtration is essential. They may even consider an algaecide. At this point, the increase in humidity seems to keep getting worse and protection is necessary.

If it is already too late and there is a green bloom….you need to shock your pool…hard. Call in the big guns.