Concerns for a pool dog and those that love them

pool dog2I promised this blog two months ago. What Should I Consider if I have a Pool Dog? discussed issues you will find if you have a dog who loves to swim in your pool. What do you need to consider to keep your pool in tip top shape when you have a pool dog? This blog will focus on issues you, as a dog owner should be concerned about for your dog and family safety.

If your pool dog loves to swim, what are dog concerns?

Doggie Skin: Your pets skin can get dry and irritated from swimming regularly. Its nose and eyes can become especially red if your pool in under-chlorinated pools. It is important to rinse your dog with clean water after a dip in the pool. Keep an eye out for irritation.

Doggie Safety: Can your dog swim? Did you know that some breeds of dog are better at swimming than others. To get a full list of 10 best and worst swimmers, by breed, check out this blog. If your doggie loves the water but is having a hard time staying afloat, they also make doggie flotation devices. Of other concern is your dogs familiarity with the pool. Your dog has to know how to get in and out of the pool. Also, your dog needs to be physically able to get in and out of the pool.

If your pool dog loves to swim, what are family concerns?

Family Safety: Dogs have claws. When they swim, they are not aware that their claws are sharp and can hurt their owners. Even if your child is a great swimmer, getting a sharp claw to the face or ribcage can  be scary and jarring.  They may falter and have trouble making their way to the side of the pool. The best bet is to be aware when your dog is in the pool and allow your pet the space it needs to be the pool dog you love and get out.

Be safe!