What I should consider if I have a pool dog

pool dogWhat is a pool dog? You know if you have one. They, absolutely, adore the water. A pool dog is the topic of this blog because there are some definite things you need to keep in mind when your dog loves to swim. They come in a couple of classes. The first blog, here, are the considerations to the pool. The second issues you need to consider, in blog 2, are those concerning your pets and humans who love them. Finally, in the third in series, I’ll show you some fun fixes whether you allow your pooch in the pool, or not.

Pool Dog Pool Problems

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the pool issues are sanitation problems. Each time your furry friend jumps in your pool it equals three humans. They are bringing some pretty gross stuff into your pool. You may want to plug your ears if this is too much…..ok, ready….your pool dog will track bugs, oil, lots of hair, debris, and fecal material into your pool. That fecal matter can contain E Coli, Hepatitis A, Giardia, and other fun critters…..done. Suffice it to say, you need to manage these issues or you are going to run into trouble and nobody wants to get ill.

  • Correct your chemicals: You have to make sure that your chlorine and pH are at the right levels. If you have a pool dog, you will need to check these much more often. It would also be smart to have your pool maintenance professional come to your home on a more regular basis.
  • Visual Assessment: This goes right along with the chemicals. Assess your pool for health. Is it cloudy. Can you see to the bottom? Is it the correct color?
  • Hair, hair, hair: If you have a pool dog who sheds, let me promise you that your baby is shedding off much more hair into your pool. The hair/lint pot of your filter is going to get disastrously hairy, quick. You will need to clean or backwash it more often than you think. You can make this better by keeping your dog’s hair short. However, it is going to require more frequent maintenance.

In the following months, look for the next blog in this series: Concerns for a pool dog and those that love them!