Pool Safety Even in a Pool Brawl

agua-1599532_1280If you are up on pool news, you must be as horrified as I am to see the pool brawl that took place in Texas. I have never been so ready to write about pool safety until I saw this. I will let you go watch it on your own. Here is all the fun. Beware, it is very graphic. What struck me most was how near these people were to utter disaster, even death. I know I wrote about pool safety before but it was in the context of people getting along. What happens if you are in a situation where anger erupts.

How Do I Practice Pool Safety Even in A Pool Brawl?

  1. If you part of the anger diffuse it. I know this seems easy to say but you are heating up a situation on rough concrete and probably in front of children. This is absolutely not the time or the place for any tumult.
  2. If you have to continue the  anger take the argument outside the pool area. Again, there is water and concrete everywhere. A fall could prove deadly.
  3. If you are a bystander, back away and call 911. If you watched the tape, you saw how quickly it erupted and how people who were in the fray got wrapped up into the ugly action. Make sure the owner of the facility or pool is notified so that the bad apples can be escorted out.
  4. If you are a bystander protect yourself and your children.
  5. Do not get sucked into phone video. Put your phone away,  no matter how likely it is that your video will go viral.

Pool safety begins with you. However, just like when you are driving a car, you have to use the pool defensively. When others behave dangerously they put you and your family in peril.