Saltwater Pool pH Problem: What to do?

saltwater pool pHThere is a big problem in the pool community with some saltwater pools. In the best of worlds, they work fabulously. However, not for all people. Those people, just like you, were promised a hassle free alternative to traditional chlorine pools. They did their research and purchased a saltwater chlorine generating pool. The problem is that they are now encountering saltwater pool pH problems.

Because the pH is rising in saltwater pools, California Polytechnic State University’s National Pool Industry Research Center actually did a study on it. pH is super important. To read an entire blog article on it, click here. The bottom line is that if your pH levels are off, the chlorine doesn’t work very well to clean your pool. They also found that if you have a saltwater pool, even once a week pH testing may not be enough to maintain the saltwater pool pH.

Are there any solutions to my saltwater pool pH problem?

Right now, most people are adjusting their pH once a week…maybe…This study says you should be checking your saltwater pool pH more often. This is a nightmare? right? you were promised less trouble and now you have to deal with a chemical issue more often than once a week. Isn’t there anything else?

Actually, the best solution is found in the commercial pool industry. The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) generator. Some of these dispense CO2 on a continuous timed basis. Others actually measure the pH and decide how much CO2 needs to be added. There are lots of reasons why CO2 is better than using muriatic acid anyhow.

  • You will end up using less sanitizer
  • It is much safer to handle
  • more precise control
  • only effects pH not total alkalinity

The most important reason why CO2 is the best choice over muriatic acid to control your saltwater pool pH problem? Ease!!! We install the system and the tanks only need to be changed once or twice a summer. Done and done!


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