Which Swimming Pool Covers Should You Consider? Security? Solar? Tarp?

swimming pool coversThere are so many things to think about when you own a home with a pool. As we meander through winter and we are not using our pools as often, we can turn our attention to the wide variety of accessories that make the most of our lovely investment. Swimming pool covers are just such an accessory. Some of us never get a cover. However, I can tell you, from experience that swimming pool covers are well worth your pretty penny. So why do you we even need swimming pool covers?

Well, there are a variety of reasons that span from pool maintenance: less evaporation, less chemical use, less debris in the pool, to monetary considerations like heat retention.  Further there are certain swimming pool covers that are built to help with safety. So you are at the point when you understand the great benefit of swimming pool covers but you are still confused. There are so many pool covers on the market, where do I even start?

Basics of Swimming Pool Covers

  • Automatic Swimming Pool Covers: There are good and bad points to automatic swimming pool covers. The first consideration is the cost. Generally they run upwards of $8000 and can be as high as $18,000 depending upon the pool. If your pool is a perfect rectangle, you are set. However, if it is not, you will have tracks around your pool that you may consider unsightly or a hazard. The upshot is that they keep your pool REALLY warm and you don’t have to pull a cover off every time you want to swim.
  • Solar Swimming Pool Covers: They keep the warmth in, for sure. Yet, you get what you pay for. These covers max out at around $500 but don’t last very long, at all. These are like dark colored bubble wrap mats that lay across the top of your pool. Additionally, you will need a reel because pulling them on and off your pool is a royal pain in the you-know-what.
  • Security Swimming Pool Covers: These swimming pool covers are really quite cool. There are a variety of materials that they are made out of, including solid vinyl and mesh. However, the point is that they can hold the weight of your children and pets so they don’t go careening into the pool. You need to make sure it is attached properly but it is a real winner if child safety is your primary concern. They also keep most debris out of your pool, too. Bonus! The down side is that it takes one or two days, after removal of the cover to get your pool back up to swimming conditions. So, plan ahead!
  • Tarp Swimming Pool Covers: These are the cheapest covers and do not let water pass through. They run between $150-$300. The water needs to be pumped away from the top of the cover when you start your swimming season because the water on the top is dirty and debris has collected. If you don’t clean it all off, it will go right in the pool and then you lose the benefit of keeping debris and dirt out of your pool with the tarp.

No matter which cover you choose, swimming pool covers give great pros and minimal cons. Select the pool cover that is right for you and call your pool maintenance professional to help you get it on and train you on its use!


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