Swimming pool maintenance: Can I use Clorox chlorine bleach in my green swimming pool?

swimming pool maintenance cloroxI can answer this swimming pool maintenance question simply and easily with one word: NO! Swimming pool maintenance can be tricky business, especially if your pool is already in a poor state….like green. Swimming pool maintenance starts at the hardware. You must have a functioning pump and filtration system appropriate for the size of your pool. Next, you can minimize pollutants and contaminants¬† by taking a short little rinse before hopping in and making sure no one, kid’s especially, have a belly bug when they dive in your glorious pool. However, the third prong in swimming pool maintenance is maintaining proper chemical levels like chlorine.

Summer is the time when we want to dive right in. It requires swimming pool maintenance in the form of proper chlorine levels. Not only may you not add Clorox to your pool but chlorine has to be added based upon certain criteria. Your swimming pool maintenance professional will assess the state of your pool water, the size of the pool, and total water gallons and add the necessary chlorine.  After they add the chlorine, your swimming pool maintenance professional will wait a couple of hours so that it can dissipate properly. Then, they will conduct a test to ensure chlorine is at the right levels. Too little and you will still have a green tinge to the water. Too much can burn skin and eyes. Chlorine levels need to be higher in your sweet little spa, too. Even though it is smaller, it is hot and germs grow easier in the heat.

Clorox for Swimming Pool Maintenance

Another thing to remember when your green pool needs swimming pool maintenance is that all chlorine is not created equal. There are different types of chlorine for different pool systems…..and Clorox is not one of them.

  • Tablets: This chlorine is a special type used only with an automatic chlorinating feeder device. The chlorine is added to this a canister in the device and not directly to the pool water.
  • Powdered: This chlorine is just what it sounds like. It is found in a powdered form and is sprinkled directly into the pool.

When you have a green pool or spa and are thinking about just pouring in a jug of Clorox….don’t! Call your pool maintenance professional so that you can get the right chlorine in the right proportions for your swimming needs. And then….Get to swimming!


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